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Igniting Millennial Employee Performance

Activating the Huge Potential of the Largest Generation in the Workforce

Millennials, also known as Gen Y, are the fastest-growing, largest employee generation in the workforce today. Along with timely skills and valuable ambition, they bring a unique employee mindset that can frustrate the most experienced leaders and managers. You may have seen this in everything from Millennials texting while at work, to their expanded definition of “business casual."

In Unlocking Millennial Talent at Work, our generational experts (themselves Millennials) reveal new generational truths based on The Center's latest research to show you exactly what drives Millennial and Gen Y employee performance in a multigenerational workforce. Our experts separate stereotypes from real research and provide specific strategies that can dramatically improve your Millennial recruiting, retention, motivation, communication, and more. This program solves your biggest Millennial challenges with innovative strategies, proven actions, and unforgettable frontline stories.

This program is available as a customized keynote presentation, half-day innovation program, or full-day innovation and implementation event.

To add even more value and custom insights, add The Center's breakthrough Generational Power Index™ (GPI) and Cross-Generational Workforce Index™ (CWI) to your program. The GPI reveals each participant's true generational composition and uncovers new generational strengths for them to use immediately. The CWI reveals hidden strengths and challenges within your organization by generation, gender, and tenure. Both deliver never-before-seen insight and can be used to drive measurable outcomes.

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